Coupon & Voucher Codes

From time to time, SALVE may offer promotional discounts.

How do I redeem my coupon or gift voucher?

To redeem a coupon or voucher code, you must create or log into your account first. Enter your code in the "VIEW CART" option of your shopping cart BEFORE checking out. You will not be prompted for coupon our voucher codes during checkout. Only one coupon can be used per order.

What does this error mean?

"Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit"

This error can mean any of the following:

1. Coupon has expired

2. Coupon is incorrectly matched with the items in your shopping cart

3. You have not met the minimum requirements of the promotion

If you experience any issues, please call or email us.

How do I redeem free shipping coupon?

  1. You must meet the minimum requirement of $60 before tax to receive free shipping. If you reach $60, the sytem should automatically deduct your shipping costs. If you have questions, please contact us.

Meet the minimum requirement for the promotion, and enter your code in the "VIEW CART" option of your shopping cart BEFORE checking out.
(You will not be prompted for coupon or voucher codes during checkout.) 

  1. Once you begin checking out, you will have the option to select your shipping method. Free shipping is only offered for "UPS GROUND." (If you select another method of shipment using this coupon code, your shippment will automatically be sent UPS Ground.
  2. You will see the cost associated with that shipping method, just ignore it as it will be removed at checkout.