NO Artificial fragrance
NO Aluminum
NO Petrochemicals
NO Phthalates
NO Propylene glycol
NO Mineral oils
NO Silicone
NO Artificial dyes
NO Sulfates
NO Parabens


We use only BPA-free containers.

Based in Houston, TX, SALVE is an all natural and organic skin care line with the mission of healthier and sustainable living. We are a small team and dedicated to providing a quality product with personal attention. If there's something you can't find on the market, let us know, and we'll try to make it for you. Give us  a call or send us a note.

Salve’s Sustainable View
Most of our ingredients, unless exclusively found in other regions of the world, are sustainably and ethically grown and harvested in the United States. We take pride in using the highest quality ingredients possible, and select our suppliers carefully and with a shared vision of creating awareness and behaviors of sustainability while providing safer cosmetic products that are simple, fresh and healthy.

In our operations we aim to produce zero waste, we recycle packaging and filler materials, and purchase 100% recycled packaging whenever possible. To further our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we only sell our products within the United States, and seek out only American suppliers. Salve is proud to support the U.S. economy!

SALVE's Manufacturing
Our Emergency Salves, Soaks, and Super Soft Scrubs are proudly hand-made and fresh to order. Keep your eye out, as our hand-made product line is growing!

SALVE and its American-based affiliate labs do not test on animals, and we try to ensure that our ingredient suppliers are supplying non-animal tested ingredients.

We work closely with American, certified organic farmers to acquire fresh ingredients for use in our products.

The labs and suppliers used by Salve are FDA Registered and are USDA Organic Certified companies that manufacture under the highest standards of quality control, in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Our suppliers operate in a cGMP compliant facility, and through both in-house or third party labs, has testing that encompasses the full spectrum of microbiological testing, including aerobic plate count, antimicrobial effectiveness testing and shelf life stability testing.