Pink French Clay (40 ml tube)

Pink French Clay (40 ml tube)

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This gentle clay will soothe and detoxify your skin of impurities; improving your complexion, reducing fine-lines, and helping to combat acne outbreaks. Made from a mixture of white and red clays, our French Pink Clay is naturally rich in minerals that improve your skin's elasticity, helping to minimize the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles. These minerals also help to balance oily skinleaving breakouts at bay. Best used on aging, oily, or acne-prone skin; this clay will keep your skin youthful and moisturized while preventing the over production of oil and bacteria.

Optional: Add 2-3 drops of SALVE's Melaleuca or Neem Oil to create a soothing acne mask.

Best for These Skin/Body/Hair Types:
Dry - Aging - Combination - Oily - Acne Prone

Mix 2 tsp of powder clay to 1/2 tsp of fresh liquid of your choice (milk, yogurt, fresh juice, vinegar, water). Stir until smooth, and apply to face using SALVE brush in upward strokes, avoiding eyes and mouth. Leave on 15-20 minutes. Remove with SALVE loofah or with cool wet cloth.  Store in a dry place.

100% Pink Clay


Made in USA.